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Financial Aid


Some dates and links might be out of date. We will update it soon!

In this section, we will be touching on the 3 loan schemes usually sought after by Indonesian Students. For more detailed info, you can check here.

Tuition Fee Loan (TFL)#

This scheme is facilitated by either OCBC or DBS. Applications for International Students close on the 21th of July 2017. For further info, you can check out the following link. The application form also can be downloaded here.


Full fee paying international undergraduates who have used up their MOE Tuition Grant subsidy and have taken up the Tuition Fee Loan before they are charged the full tuition fee rate. (Percentage of coverage is based on the subsidised tuition fee rate portion only).


Guarantor: He or she must be an adult between 21 and 60 years of age and is not a bankrupt. Singaporean/PR/non-Singaporeans guarantors are welcome.


Interest computation is deferred until after graduation. Thereafter, average prime rate of DBS, OCBC and UOB applies. Repayment can be in one lump sum or in fixed equal monthly installments (minimum of $100 per month), commencing not later than 2 years after graduation. The maximum repayment period is 20 years.

Suspending TFL#

Students who have successfully applied for the TFL but were subsequently awarded scholarships or any other awards, may no longer require disbursements from the TFL Scheme to pay for their tuition fees.

  • Inform the TFL-Administering Bank at any bank’s branch
  • OR inform the Office of Financial Services via email at [email protected]


Bring to OCBC/DBS with the guarantor with the following documents

  • Completed Application Form, 
  • Student's and guarantor's identity cards/passports,
  • A copy of the University’s Letter of Offer for Admission

Still confused? Worry not. When you have arrived in Singapore, your seniors will assist you in completing the TFL application at the recommended Bank.

NUS Study Loan#

This scheme is administered by NUS. Applications should have been made either at the same time as your application to NUS, regardless of whether or not your application is successful, or before the 1st of April 2017 (closed).

Detailed information about this scheme can be found here


There are various types of bursaries, which are awarded based on the assessed level of neediness of the applicant. Reapplication is required every year. There is NO need for repayment of bursaries.


  • Full-time students
  • Taking Tuition Fee Loan
  • Not holding ASEAN Scholarship


Apply via Financial Aid


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