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International students are guaranteed on-campus accommodation for the first two years of study, subject to university regulations and housing agreements. There are three types of on-campus accommodations: halls, residential colleges (RCs), and student residences. Each type of accommodation is equipped with respective characteristics and specialties.

Halls embody a large portion of the lively side of NUS on-campus accommodations. That being said, if you enjoy socializing and participating in CCAs, do consider halls! Different from halls, RCs are module-driven. Each RC specializes on different aspects, creating a platform for like-minded individuals to mingle through modules offered in-house.

Meals in halls and RCs are catered, albeit being catered differently.

While halls and RCs encourage interaction between residents, student residences are generally more quiet. This suits individuals who would like to focus more on academics.

For latest price, application dates and procedures, checkout NUS official housing page!

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