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List of CCAs and Clubs

Now that you’ve applied for housing, selected your modules and finally arrived at NUS, what’s next? As Week 1 is approaching, sign-ups for CCAs, societies, clubs and interest groups are starting to open!

Thinking of joining a club or CCA but still feeling unsure? Fret not! We have compiled a list of CCAs across different categories, along with contacts of seniors for each CCA who will help and guide you. You can freely drop them a message and ask any queries about the CCA or get them to share their experiences.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out the links for each CCA page to get to know more about each CCA. We will be hosting a sharing session for you to talk to these seniors firsthand, do keep a lookout!


CCADescriptionSenior Contact
Engin club“Official faculty club working closely with the faculty administration to support the academic and social lives of all NUS engineering undergraduates”Stanley Jeremy, Raymond Fendy
NUS ISE Club“Connecting students and professors, organizing and innovating new events for the ISE cohort”Raymond Fendy
NUS Statistics Society“Provides a key platform for students enthusiastic about statistics and data science to make friends, gain organizational skills and expand technical knowledge”Diphasuka Edbert, Jennifer Chessa


CCADescriptionSenior Contact
NUS Angklung Ensemble“Provides a platform for everyone to guide each other through learning Angklung and perform pieces that can cater to current popular trends” Archangel, Christian Drake
NUS Piano Ensemble“Focuses uniquely on piano ensemble repertoire, exploring a range of obscure works for the piano and with other instruments in chamber settings”Jusuf Nathanael
NUS Guitar Ensemble“Providing a platform for people passionate in playing the guitar to congregate and pursue personal excellence in the art form”Stanley Jeremy, Amelia Regina
The NUSChoir“Promote choral excellence within the campus, and to bring our music to audiences, both local and foreign, by performing and competing in a wide spectrum of events throughout each year”Dominicus Bimaputra
NUS Symphony Orchestra (NUSSO)“Regularly performs at various venues such as the Singapore Botanic Gardens, the Istana Park, the National Library Plaza and within the NUS campus in order to bring music to the university community and the public.Hans Sebastian
NUS Korean Cultural Interest Group Dance Team (KDT)“A group of dance enthusiasts with a love for Korean pop dance, welcoming everyone with or without prior dance experience"Ivy Husni, Caroline Trisnawati, Amelia Regina


CCADescription Senior Contact
NUSSU CommIT“Providing IT training workshops and quality IT services for the NUS community”Christian Steven, Jonathan, Ronald
NUS Business Committee (NUSSU BIZCOM)“Facilitating sponsorships for NUS-wide events, providing NUS students with exclusive privileges and discounts”Jovita Suryawinata
NUSSU Video & Photographic Committee “Providing media coverage services, courses and workshops for the NUS community”Amelia Regina


CCADescriptionSenior Contact
NUS Invest“Provides the key platform for NUS students and other student investment enthusiasts to unite and expand their financial and investment knowledge”Robinson Liokubuwono, Vincent Wong
NUS Entrepreneurship Society (NES)“Foster the spirit of entrepreneurship through our growing network of alumni, and develop entrepreneurial leaders”Christian Chonardo, Matthew Alexander, Hans Sebastian
NUS Conjunct Consulting“Southeast Asia’s first social change consultancy club that serves to help social good organizations with its pro bono talent through workshops and real-life projects with clients”Hans Alnando, Jovita Suryawinata
Bridges for Enterprise““Working with a diverse group of students around the world in providing consultancy services for social causes” Aldrich Williams
Developer Student Club“An initiative by Google Developers to cultivate learners of technology to engage and impact communities through tech solutions”Matthew Alexander, Jovita Suryawinata, Aldrich Williams
NUS Hackers“Provide a support system for hackers in NUS who are currently building things, be it for charity, business or pleasure”Steven Wijaya, Julius Putra

Social Cause#

CCADescriptionSenior Contact
AIESEC in NUS“Providing overseas volunteering and internship opportunities”Aldo
NUS Tzu Chi Collegiate Youth Association“A platform of volunteers with regular care visits to care for the sick and elderly”Diphasuka Edbert, Felix Halim


CCADescriptionSenior Contact
NUS Archery Team“Welcoming all NUS students to practise archery, regardless of experience or skills.Darren Erdyan Khalif, Viriyo Satya Mangala, Aldo
NUS Taekwondo“Our practitioners will get the chance to hone their skills in Poomsae (a demonstrative art of forms and patterns) and Kyorugi (contact sparring)”Ronald Santoso
NUS Electronic Gaming Society“Dedicated to growing the E-Sports scene in NUS and Singapore, one game at a time”Eric Santoso
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